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About The Company:

With over 25 years of expertise, CLS Bookkeeping & Accounting Consultant is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their financial goals. We are here to provide quality bookkeeping services and ensure your books are done right so that you have peace of mind. We also mentor and teach business owners how to acquire the skills and knowledge, to become successful within their small businesses. “Your bottom line is our top priority.”

About the CEO

Cherie is the CEO & Founder of CLS Bookkeeping & Accounting Consultants, LLC. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Global Business Leadership, with a concentration in Accounting. Cherie is also a Certified ProAdvisor in QuickBooks Online. Cherie has two sons, three grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter and currently resides in Triangle, Virginia.

Mission Statement:

To assist small businesses and other clients in achieving their financial goals, by providing quality services in the area of bookkeeping, taxes, and notary services. We will always be professional, courteous and respond in a timely matter. Will provide the necessary tools to small business owners so that they are able to make decisions based on accurate information.

Core Values:

Integrity – Operating with honesty, integrity and transparency. Being direct and upfront in all communications.

Respect – For our clients, colleagues and the law

Commitment – Providing excellent service through dedicated commitment

Accuracy – Always being attentive to the finer details of bookkeeping.

Trustworthy – We will always be honest, reliable, protect your private information and will be loyal.

Vision – Provide small business owners with clean up to date books, and to help them grow a profitable successful business.

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I want to thank CLS BookKeeping and Accounting Consultant LLC for their assistance to me with my tax matters. It wasn’t until I had a consultation with Ms Cherie Small that I realized that the last 6 or 7 years I have been filing my taxes with the wrong exemptions. Due to this error I was not having enough taxes taken out on me and therefore it causes me to owe taxes.

Glad I had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Small to get a better understanding on this matter.

- Patricia A. Fowler

Back in 2017, Cherie Small filed my taxes. When I file my taxes, I usually go to H&R block. When the year of 2017 came about, I decided I wanted someone else to do my taxes. Cherie Small came to me with open arms, and filed my 2017 tax return. I must say, I made a great, wise decision. It was cheaper to file with Cherie, and I received a greater amount for my refund. Thanks Cherie!!!.

- Henry Johnson

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